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A lot of customers are new to the OTF style knives, how they function and their upkeep and maintenance. Most of the time, what may seem like a problem is really maintenance or an unknown function. It could be as easy as a safety rest. The majority of warranties are Dirty Knives. Like many other products, the more it is used, the more you must maintain the product.

Please watch the videos below to make sure the issue can't be fixed with these two steps. If these are not the issue then below is the warranty and issue request form.



If your blade is fouled when being deployed or retracted. No need to worry. The safety feature has been activated. Just reset the blade by putting tension back on the spring. This can be done by pulling the blade as if you were trying to get the blade out of the handle.



We recommend using Rem Oil only but in a pinch WD40. Repeat this cleaning method a few times to insure it is free of debris. Caution! Using thick oils like motor oil or lubricates can cause a bigger issue and gum up your knife. The heavy fluid or thick oil can cause the blade to slow due to the fluid causing a suction on the blade as it travels out of the handle. Make sure to wipe the blade free of oil. If you accidentally used a thick oil or lubrication keep using the Lighter, Rem Oil or in the worst case, WD40 to flush out the thicker substance and debris. Continue to hold the knife upside down while you work and rest the blade as you wipe the fluid and debris off thoroughly.