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Hello Templar Knife Company, 
I just wanted to send you a hearty "Thank You" for the Templar OTF Money Clip knife 
that I won as as part of your presentation on GunStuff TV.
It is a beautiful, remarkable work of engineering that I will proudly carry. 
I work for a large aerospace company, and also our local Sheriff's Department,
and will be sure to share and show your products to my associates. 
I am grateful for the opportunity to be introduced to your company and product line,
and wish you the very best in the success in the future!
Very respectfully,
Steve L 
The answer is yes, these are the knives you are looking for. A pocket knife is a useful tool that could be viable in a self-defense situation, a survival situation, a first aid situation, or something as simple as opening a UPS package on the door step. The truth is, we should all be carrying a knife, and nothing is more practical than Templar Knife. When I hit the blade-release button and watch a well-crafted blade spring into immediate action, I feel like a Jedi. Not only is it practical and cool, it is safe. The knives have safety features that will prevent the blade from cutting you or other objects if obstructed upon release. These are great knives, I highly recommend getting one.
Daniel Burnett

Former Team Leader, 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army
A good knife is like a good watch its there by your side until you need it then after your done using it quietly rides on your body until you need to use it again. I received my Templar otf drop point knife last month and have been carrying it constantly while deployed. It’s simple but solid rugged design is dependable and robust. The pocket clip places the knife deep and out of the way in your pocket until it’s needed. The knife came in the mail razor sharp and holds a great edge and sharpens easily on my wicked edge sharpener. This knife will accomplish every thing you need from opening letters and packages to cutting 550 and break seals on ammo cans and will keep going.
Sincerely SSG Osbourn Zachary
US Army Infantry Weapons Squad leader


Hello Templar Knives,
I wanted to drop you a quick line to praise your OTF knives. Mine is the tanto blade style, full edge. I have used it a couple of hundred times over the past year and the knife continues to cut and deploy on demand. The deployment mechanism is still strong and the feeling hasn't changed. I've cut cardboard, tape, plastic and many other materials with it. The blade isn't ideal for every cut everywhere (can't cut a tree down with it), and within expectation and considering design parameters, the knife has excelled. The edges of the exterior metal have worn (bluing?) but there isn't a hint of rust (I take care of my stuff). The scales with the American Flag on them are nearly pristine. I don't know what kind of coating you put on them, but it has survived hundreds of deployments (and insertion into the pocket) and it looks this good. The pocket clip has not bent, cracked or become damaged. Save for wear- it's perfect. The knife sharpens easily and holds a wicked edge. It is my everyday carry knife and I have no intention of swapping it out for something else. I oil, sharpen and use- and your blade keeps cutting.

Thanks, Rob.
Just wanted to reach out and commend you on your service. I came out there Saturday to buy one of your knives and Shaun took the time to talk to me and educate me on your knives and help me decide the best choice. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. I am very pleased with the quality of your work. Very well made . I give your knives 5 stars and the same 5 stars for service.

Jim B
Great knife! Having worked in law enforcement for the past 20 years, I've had the opportunity to carry many knives both on and off duty and can attest that this Carbon Fiber Templar Knife is a well built, quality knife. It is an excellent value especially with the lifetime warranty. Wes and the crew at Templar Knife are great and stand behind their products. Do not let the light weight of the Carbon Fiber model fool you, it has proven to be a solid knife. It was hard choosing which model would make the best daily carry as they were all a great fit. I will definitely be ordering additional models in the future!

Brandon - Law Enforcement Officer
Just wanted to reach back out to you on the full-size knife, I love it. I have family and friends that are now ordering for themselves, very awesome product, and great customer service. Thank you for all the help and time. 

James G.
Thank you for the excellent service. I received my knife today, back from your warranty repair and it works great. It is nice to see a company that stands behind their promises and backs up the warranty with professionalism and expediency.   Thank you for the great service and yes, I am already looking online to buy another from you.

Keith B
The knife was exactly what I was expecting. I showed it to many of my associates and they all remarked about how solid it felt. They were surprised that you could not hear any pieces rattling around inside like they have encountered with numerous other brand OTF knives.

The graphics are excellent, and I already view this knife as a family heirloom to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Please accept my thanks and please convey my thanks to the entire Templar Knife Team!

Thomas T
The Templar OTF I have received is the best knife I have ever owned. Thank you for making great quality and having great craftsmanship with these knives. This is my first OTF, but I am glad I chose your company because not only is the knife strong, fast, and sharp. The wooden American flag graphics on the knife are amazing.

Tyler W
Just an amazing experience and people! I do not think I have seen such an interest in satisfying a customer before. I appreciate the extra mile and extra time spent with me answering my questions. American Company, support 365 days. I will be a returning customer.

Humberto C
I love my knife; I never leave home without it. Great quality, and very well built! The other day at the park I was going down the slide with my daughter and the pocket clip hung up and broke off. I emailed customer service to see if I could purchase another clip. They responded in just a few minutes and mailed me a new clip free of charge. Thank you, guys, so much...

Shawn R
Picked up a Templar OTF Knife at a local knife store. Love the quality and craftsmanship. I had always wanted an OTF and glad this was my first.

Stephen G
I have had my Templar knife for over a year now and have zero issues. I do use the knife quite a bit and it still functions perfectly. I actually just bought a new one with the Betsy Ross flag and just love the look of this graphic on a great knife.

Jimmy W
I collect knives. Have about sixty of all types, some inexpensive, some very pricey. My favorite and daily carry knife is one of my Templars. The OTF feature makes it super practical with one hand opening. It holds a great edge and never fails to get a comment, usually a compliment. BUT no product is good without good support. Theirs has been superb. I had one slight problem with one and it was immediately addressed. The communication was great. I felt like a valued customer.

I received no compensation for these comments, I just feel that great products and service should be acknowledged.

Mike S
I use knives often, originally learned about the knives from a friend and really loved the design, slowly overtime others started getting one, the blades are amazing but personally my favorite part are the designs and ability to pick a blade for whichever design you like, by far my favorite knives and definitely recommending to all my army buddies.

Rogelio U
I bought a knife from these guys at the Bossier City gun show last weekend. Got to work (Shreveport Firefighter) and several guys wanted the same knife. Contacted support and couldn’t have asked for better customer service & support!! More knives ordered and on the way.

Thanks again,