The answer is yes, these are the knives you are looking for. A pocket knife is a useful tool that could be viable in a self-defense situation, a survival situation, a first aid situation, or something as simple as opening a UPS package on the door step. The truth is, we should all be carrying a knife, and nothing is more practical than Templar Knife. When I hit the blade-release button and watch a well-crafted blade spring into immediate action, I feel like a Jedi. Not only is it practical and cool, it is safe. The knives have safety features that will prevent the blade from cutting you or other objects if obstructed upon release. These are great knives, I highly recommend getting one.
Daniel Burnett

Former Team Leader, 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army




A good knife is like a good watch its there by your side until you need it then after your done using it quietly rides on your body until you need to use it again. I received my Templar otf drop point knife last month and have been carrying it constantly while deployed. It’s simple but solid rugged design is dependable and robust. The pocket clip places the knife deep and out of the way in your pocket until it’s needed. The knife came in the mail razor sharp and holds a great edge and sharpens easily on my wicked edge sharpener. This knife will accomplish every thing you need from opening letters and packages to cutting 550 and break seals on ammo cans and will keep going.
Sincerely SSG Osbourn Zachary
US Army Infantry Weapons Squad leader